Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Knee Deep In Cow Poop and Sliding Down Pee Falls

When I was a little girl, my older brother Lawson, sister Lynn, and the neighborhood kids and I would make a favorite past time on a snow day of going down to the local Dairy
The dairy responsible for my cow poop fetish.
 and slide down what we called Pee Falls with flattened cardboard.
Who would've thought cardboard has so many uses!
We would slide down the hillside of the pasture
Pee Falls!
and go straight onto a solid thick sheet of ice over Dog Creek. We would do this for hours, then have to walk the mile home in our frozen Pee Falls playing clothes.

 In Preparing my garden, in the Fall I always lay cardboard down to stall  weed growth and then cover with mulch and leaves. As a fertilizer, I use nothing but cow manure.
Cow Poop anyone?
Having the resources to get all the manure helps, but one thing I learned is that if you call and ask people who have farms, whether it is cow or horse most people will gladly give you some as long as you scoop and haul yourself.
Ok, so not Knee Deep, But Deep in Cow Poop!
If you choose manure as a fertilizer, you do not want to put it on HOT. When I say Hot, I don't mean seeing steam running from it, Hot is Fresh, just like what you would step in!

Usually you need to let it set for at least a year and then work it in your soil.

I wish I could endorse cow manure. I've known it from my early childhood years and it will be a forever friend! Your produce is just Bigger,
Prize Winning!

and just better! 

My Sliding down Pee Falls days may be over, but I'll be knee deep in Cow Manure anyday!

Be Blessed,
~The Duchess~

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  1. I heard a funny cow manure statement this morning at church (sermon series on personal finances)- it was about spending vs saving your money and how to do both in a godly fashion. The preacher quoted some famous person, can't remember who, but he said, "Never put your eggs in one basket when it comes to investing your money. Investing is like cow manure, if you pile it up in one corner it stinks but if you spread it around evenly it helps everything grow"... anyway, I immediately thought of you and your post here. :)